Frequently Asked Questions

Thhe Questions About Pools We Get All The Time!
We are big believers that there is no such question as a bad question, especially when you are researching something as important as your new pool! These are some of the questions we get every day from people in the market for a new pool and the answers we believe they are looking for. If you have any questions at all at any stage, remember just to contact us today and one of our pool partners will be in touch to help straight away.
Concrete pools are generally customer made so they will come with a warranty backed directly by the builder of the pool. There are some off the shelf concrete pools being made that come with impressive 10 year structural warranties.
The average warranty on a fibreglass pool is around 10 years. Anything more is fantastic, anything less is possibly worth asking some questions about.
Inground pools in Australia range from as low as $30,000 and go upwards of $200,000. The average pool in somewhere like Sydney is around $40 – $50,000.
Prefabricated pools can be installed in just weeks, days even sometimes. However custom builds can take much longer. The design and approval process can be the longest and then the build will also take some time. It’s best to agree with your builder in advance on a reasonable completion date.
We think so, yes! There is nothing better than the freedom you get from your very own inground pool in your backyard.
It can be. The cost of goods or labour don’t change but if a pool builder is a bit light on work so they may do you a deal.Just remember though, the best time to build a pool is when you want a pool! Don’t over think things like seasonality.
Good pool builders will run you through the whole process so you know what is coming. You can expect to have some disruption to your normal backyard however a good builder will mitigate any changes as best as possible.
Yes. There are many different ways to finance a pool these days. Speak to your pool company or bank about what solution may be best for you. Or, speak to one of our finance broker partners who can help you get the best deal.
Yes! Pools are often custom made to each customer and the home they are going into. You will pay more for a custom build but it means you get exactly what you want.

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